"Redefining the Fourth Industrial Revolution"

A new revolution has begun with Blockchain technology

ABLE Project’s mission is to provide integrated blockchain finance services.

All crypto assets will be managed via smart contracts.

ABLE Project is the truly Decentralized
Crypto Finance Platform.

ABLE Project’s Goal is to establish a blockchain based platform for crypto finance and wealth management.

ABLE Project will provide crypto finance solutions to meet both the supply-side and the demand-side.

History and financial instruments are achieved by Ethereum smart contracts.

ABLE Application

User can retrieve and utilize financial instruments through the ABLE Application. ABLE Application runs on both web and mobile UI.

ABLE Structure

Smart contracts including Investment, loans, mutual funds, and profit distributions can be designed on the ABLE Framework. Various smart contracts can be browsed and registered through the ABLE Application(Web/Mobile).


ABLE system adopts the layered architecture, and permission levels will be determined according to each layer. Each layer and component can communicate via standard API’s. Pairs of API permission levels and users match Public - User, Protected - Administrator, Private - System Developer.

ABLE Ethereum Infrastructure

Initially, ABLE Project will run on Ethereum, utilizing a cryptocurrency gateway and blockchain systems. ABLE Main Net will be launched to reinforce banking/fund/payment systems.