New Era of Crypto Finance

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"Redefining the Fourth Industrial Revolution" A new revolution has begun with Blockchain technology

ABLE Project’s mission is to provide integrated blockchain finance services.
All crypto assets will be managed via smart contracts.


ABLE Project is the truly Decentralized Crypto Finance Platform.

ABLE Project’s Goal is to establish a blockchain based platform
for crypto finance and wealth management.

ABLE Project will provide crypto finance solutions to meet
both the supply-side and the demand-side.

Why ABLE ?

ABLE Account

  • Finance

    Credit Score

  • Investment

    ICO Smart contract
    Fund Smart contract

  • Micropayment

    Credit / Debit Card
    3rd Party Services

ABLE accounts allowing finance, investment, micropayment upon a single platform.


  • Investment-Loan P2P Engine

    Removes spread between Investment and
    loans through decentralization.
    Connect directly through Peer-to-Peer.

  • Salary Smart Contracts

    Payments of salary and credit rating available

Wealth Management

  • ICO Investment Smart Contracts

    ICO investment platform based on
    ABLE accounts.

  • Mutual Funds Smart Contracts

    Financial investment platform based on
    ABLE’s DEX.

Investment-Loan P2P engine, salary smart contracts, ICO investments, mutual funds all available on the total finance platform.

able video


Crypto Finance Comparison

Blakcchain Bank Solution
Decentralized Platform O X X
Regulation Risk Low High High
Addressable Market Global Europe Europe
Covered Currency Crypto Crypto, Fiat Crypto, Fiat
Decentralized Exchange O centralized X
Investment Platform O X X
Stable Currency ABLE Dollar X X
Token Economy O X X
License in preparation in preparation in preparation

Our Team

  • M.S Kim photo M.S Kim

    Financial expert with experience at National Tax Services, and Samsung’s Finance team. Professional asset manager, and also a professional investor in real estate NPL and cryptocurrency. Current CEO of ABLE Project, acting as an experienced specialist in analysis and investments in the blockchain business.

    M.S Kim linkedin
  • K.S Kim photo K.S Kim

    Majored in Electrical Engineering at KAIST, and worked at SK Hynix. Positioned as DRAM Standardization(JEDEC) Partner Account, as well as Mobile Product Planning and marketing. Additionally possesses various business capabilities such as product planning, operation and roadmap, and is interested in various fields such as IT, software platform, energy and finance. Currently responsible for the structure and PM of the block chain structure in the Able-project.

    K.S Kim linkedin
  • W.H Lee W.H Lee

    An evangelist based on the work experience in Hyundai Group, and has accumulated experience from start-ups to investment evaluations. Had lectures at the Small and Medium Business Administration, Creation Economic Innovation Center, and many universities, along with experience in IR auditing and technology scouting. Current CSO of the ABLE project and the director of the Korea Foundation Global Values Foundation and Chairman of the Blockchain Committee of Sejongno National Forum.

    W.K Cho linkedin
  • I.S Kim photo I.S Kim
    Blockchain Developer

    Can handle both server development and client development deliberately as a full-stack developer with a solid foundation. Has experience developing a dApp, publishing a Travel Token building a platform supporting travelers’ tours. Also skilled in building and applying new technologies based on his work experience in three start-ups.

    K.S Kim linkedin
  • J.W Lee photo J.W Lee
    Front Developer

    Conducted and completed a music streaming service application project.
    Participated in planning/developing/investments in many startups since. Mainly developed social commerce and parking systems, and have interests in O2O businesses. Currently developing an application using REACT+REDUX SAGA. Pursues and designs simple and high readability UI’s.

    J.W Lee linkedin
  • S.P hong photo S.P Hong
    Web Developer

    With majors in mathematics, and computer engineering, a skilled developer with experience of numerous government public projects, logistics distribution management systems and P2P financial platforms for large corporations. Has the experience of building a database agent with open source, and created a culinary work system using the resource description framework Ontology.

  • S.B GU photo S.B Gu
    UI/UX Designer

    Designer who has experienced the transition from Web to Mobile and has been planning / designing various projects in various start-ups. Experiences include SNS, Sport, Multi Platform, etc. Also a skilled UI / UX designer focusing on smooth interaction between users and products by intercepting new interaction, considering users' convenience.

    K.S Kim linkedin
  • D.P Lim photo D.P Lim
    Finance specialist

    Mainly staged in alternative investments and stocks for public subscription, including many other asset management experiences. Focuses on combining blockchain technology into the explained background.

    D.P Lim linkedin
  • J.W Ro photo J.W Ro

    Graduated Korea University’s Industrial Engineering. Global marketer with the ability of fluent English and Japanese. Worked as an implementation manager in Ve Global, and has many experience in marketing among businesses, staging mainly in enhancing brand identities. Currently the marketing manager of ABLE Project based on the experience.

    J.W Ro linkedin
  • K.G Kim photo K.G Kim
    Finance specialist

    Worked in an Asset Management Company, with many experience in investments in stocks, unlisted stocks, real estate, ETF, cryptocurrency. Currently positioned for supporting the construction of ABLE Project’s business model, while attending Korea University master’s course in economics.

    K.G Kim linkedin
  • Taras Korzhyan Taras Korzhyan
    Europe Community Manager

    Сommunity management   bounty expert. Has over 5 years of management and sales experiences in gaming areas such as MMORPG.

  • Thomas Nsikak Thomas Nsikak
    America Community Manager

    An MCSE degree holder from NIIT, who worked with three different ICO firms namely Riptideicoin, Alpha Investing and Shizzle Nizzle. He has experiences in online community management and digital marketing.

  • Ekene C. Onyilogwu Ekene C. Onyilogwu
    Asia Community Manager

    Passionate, digital-savvy community manager, content management and online marketer with a significant track record in delivering outstanding results. Over 5 years of experience in managing and building online communities and social media presence for various firms globally. Several years within the blogging and also the audio production industry. Experienced cryptocurrency trader and entrepreneur.

  • Nazim Sawant Nazim Sawant
    India Marketing Specialist

    A 1st generation entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in Media, Advertising, PR & Events. He is passionately driven with a vision to create an eco-system for the Entrepreneurs for India. He is the Co-Founder of India Entrepreneur’s Club, a platform made for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners.

  • William Cartmell William Cartmell
    Australia Marketing Specialist

    Experienced in Foreign Exchange Trading, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, ICO’s Partner. Synergy AI Skilled in Negotiation, Sales, acquisitions and Management. Skilled in the areas of law including migration, commercial law, Business Advisory, cryptocurrency eco stystem & Smart Contracts Specialist.Eclectic approach in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, ICO’s, Smart Contracts & AI outcomes Public Speaker.

  • Erin Woo

    Marketing expert and chief executive in B2B and B2C. Over 10 years of marketing activity in diverse businesses. Current director of ABLE Project’s social media, project management, planning and execution.


  • James Kim photo James Kim

    Designed and developed the meta framework, a source generation and deployment solution using application meta information, and supplied it to leading large corporations. Established IT strategy planning and consulting for public organizations. ICT expert who has 20 years experience.

  • Martin Lee photo Martin Lee

    Ph.D. in ICT at Inha University and worked for 10 years in research institutes under the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Information and Communication, and R & D under R & D department. Ubiquitous, RFID, NFC, WiBro, URC Robot, etc. Has a wide range of business capabilities for block-chain technology, such as carrying out national research projects on block-chain technology and possessing relevant intellectual property rights. Currently a future technology architect as President and research director of the block chain technology research institute.

  • Juno Yu photo Juno Yu
    IBCT Developer

    Studied Biomedical Engineering - Bioinformatics at Case Western Reserve University. Planned / developed and commercialized the Arbitrage Trading System. Has been involved in the development of block chain services with the Chief Analyst at the Block Chain Technology Research Institute. 


  • Young Baek photo Young Baek

    Asset management specialist with expertise regardless of area, such as stock firms and insurance companies. Has professionalism in stocks, bonds, alternative investments, portfolio managements, and pressed 4 books and lectures based on the experience.

  • Wonhee Cho photo Wonhee Cho

    Has been in charge of various transactions in technology and entertainment fields including licensing, sale, M & A and JV in TaePyeongYang. Currently a lecturer on the field of intellectual property law as an adjunct professor at the KAIST Graduate School of Intellectual Property in DeLight, and has been teaching lectures on intellectual property trading at Korean lawyers‘ associations and Korean patent attorneys' associations. Also a visiting columnist for ICO and virtual currency at Seoul Economic Daily.

  • Rodi Park Rodi Park

    UX design expert with Samsung Card, Samsung Life Insurance, KB Bank, Mateplus Realty, Samsung Electronic, Hyundai Motor, SK Telecom, LG Mobile over 15 years. Founded 1st Block consulting leading global blockchain business. Served as a UX director for several ICO projects including TXR, STC and as a advisor Fintrux, Globcoin, Alttex.

  • Myung su - im photo MyungSu Im

    Current chairman of the Korea P2P Financial Investment Association, and is a member of the Korea Finance ICT Convergence Society and Asia Future Fin-Tech Forum. Also a CEO who founded and operates “Popcorn bankers”.
    Formerly involved in Kookmin Bank’s "Q Bank" business. Since ,has launched the mobile Loan service of Samhwa saving bank and has conducted a mobile credit information inquiry project at a large credit rating agency.

  • Hyungnam Moon HyungNam Moon

    Expert of the 4th Industrial Revolution and a professor of IT convergence business at Sookmyung Women's University. Current president of the Korea Productivity Society, the CEO of the Web Development Institute, and the chairman of the Korea ICT Certification Committee, and is listed as a candidate for the Director of Korea Information Technology Promotion Agency. Has published numerous books related to the Fourth Industry.

  • Jae-hyuk Kwak JaeHyuk Kwak

    Responsible for the investment advisory committee and investment related businesses at large domestic banks. As an asset management expert, he is currently a member of the editorial board of the FP Association of Korea and is actively involved in various investment related broadcasts. He is the author of several financial books, including 'The Fourth Industrial Revolution, What to Invest in.'

  • Jung-kyung Yang James J. Young

    As the Head of International Business Division, responsible for the cross border business of Asset One, brings 27 years of investment experience and know-how in a broad range of traditional and alternative assets, as well as risk and portfolio analysis skills. Previously headed the Hedge Fund Investment at the Korea’s National Pension Service (NPS), directing the pension fund’s first investment of USD 1 billion into global hedge funds. Previous works include UBS, Calyon, Sumitomo Trust, Tong Yang Asset Management and Woori Bank as an investor, structurer, and dealer. Graduated Columbia University with a BS in Industrial Engineering

  • S.M Oh photo S.M Oh

    Marketing expert with 13 years of B2B sales experience from Global Trading Solution to RADIOVILLE. Current partners with Blockchain Labo. CMO of ABLE Project with the fluency of English, Chinese, Japanese. Global marketing expert with intensive career in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency.
    (- BS in Media Communication from Hawaii Univ.
    - MBA from Yeonsei Univ.)

Platform Architecture

History and financial instruments are achieved
by Ethereum smart contracts.

  • ABLE Application

    User can retrieve and utilize financial instruments through the ABLE Application. ABLE Application runs on both web and mobile UI.

  • ABLE Structure

    Smart contracts including Investment, loans, mutual funds, and profit distributions can be designed on the ABLE Framework. Various smart contracts can be browsed and registered through the ABLE Application(Web/Mobile).


    ABLE system adopts the layered architecture, and permission levels will be determined according to each layer. Each layer and component can communicate via standard API’s. Pairs of API permission levels and users match Public - User, Protected - Administrator, Private - System Developer.

  • ABLE Ethereum Infrastructure

    Initially, ABLE Project will run on Ethereum, utilizing a cryptocurrency gateway and blockchain systems. ABLE Main Net will be launched to reinforce banking/fund/payment systems.

ABLE Application

  • Cloud
  • Website
  • Smartphone App.


ABLE Framework

Product Smart
  • Deposit
    Financial Products
  • Loan
    Financial Products
  • Investment
    Financial Products
Business Smart
  • Deposit
  • Loan
  • Investment
Account Smart
  • Create
  • View
  • Account

Protected API




Coin Gateway

  • Deposit
  • Withdraw
  • ERC 2.0


ABLE Infrastructure

  • ethereum
  • in Future


Token Terms

Token Terms
Initial issuance 25,000,000,000 ABLE    
Public Sales 15,000,000,000 ABLE 60%
Reserved 3,750,000,000 ABLE 15%
Team Incentives 2,500,000,000 ABLE 10%
Foundation 2,500,000,000 ABLE 10%
Martketing & Strategy Partners 1,250,000,000 ABLE 5%

Currency Accepted : ETH

* ABLE Tokens allocated to team incentives, foundation, and marketing & strategy partners are locked up for at least one year.



  • Q1 Pre-Sale
  • Q2 ICO
  • Q3 Exchange Listing
  • Q4 Investment-Loan P2P engine


  • Q1 Finance Platform Service
  • Q2 ABLE Mainnet Development
  • Q3 ABLE Finance Ecosystem
  • Q4 ABLE Testnet Launch


  •   Finance Platform Service

Press Release